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Csd Freiburg 2021

CSD Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau. Gefällt Mal · 54 Personen sprechen darüber. Der Christopher Street Day Freiburg startet in die nächste Runde ! dichvudulichviet.com - Termine für Pride und CSD in Deutschland und Europa. , CSD Freiburg , Deutschland, Freiburg. , CSD Ibiza. CSD Potsdam Mai Potsdam. flag CSD Weiden - CANCELLED Mai Weiden. flag CSD Freiburg Juni Freiburg. flag.

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Freiburg. Maskenpflicht statt Knutschaufforderung: Der Christopher Street Der Christopher Street Day fand am Samstag in Freiburg bei bestem Wetter statt. Freiburgs Haushaltsentwurf für wird zur langen Streichliste. Begrüßung CSD, Vorstellung Moderation etc. Wir wollen den Freiburger CSD nicht absagen, sondern verschieben. Und zwar auf LesBiHonests – eine lesbisch*bisexuelle Gruppe (Startet im Frühjahr )​. Der CSD Freiburg basiert auf ehrenamtlicher Arbeit und ist eine nicht kommerzielle Veranstaltung. Daher sind wir dringend auf Spenden angewiesen und.

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Von Simone Höhl.
Csd Freiburg 2021 CSD Freiburg. LOVE September Der CSD Freiburg basiert auf ehrenamtlicher Arbeit und ist eine nicht kommerzielle Veranstaltung. Daher sind wir dringend auf Spenden angewiesen und. In unserem CSD-Kalender findest du alle Pride-Termine in und Neben dem 7. August – CSD Mainz „Sommerschwüle“ CSD Freiburg CSD Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau. Gefällt Mal · 54 Personen sprechen darüber. Der Christopher Street Day Freiburg startet in die nächste Runde !

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Course Catalogue. Semester Dates and Teaching Periods. The work was exactly in line with my abilities and should fit anyone studying or looking to work in the field of international relations.

I must also compliment the warm atmosphere of the place, and the great flexibility that was given to us interns. I can only recommend this experience.

I did a three - month internship at the Sociological Program and it was a very rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to work on subjects such as the monitoring of forced returns of irregular migrants, Roma community issues and domestic and gender based violence.

My team was very understanding and always helpful. The work environment was pleasant, very welcoming and supportive, and I had the chance to meet other international interns like me.

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to live this unforgettable experience, which will definitely turn out to be useful for my future projects, and to discover this beautiful country.

T University, Melbourne. I interned at the Center for the Study of Democracy with the Security Program for 2 months and found it to be an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

I completed a variety of tasks relating to corruption and security in both Bulgaria and Europe which proved to be particularly interesting.

The tasks were at times challenging although not beyond my abilities and I was able to further develop skills that will prove useful in the future.

It is a very welcoming and supportive working environment where I thoroughly enjoyed my time thanks to the wonderful team at CSD.

Ruslan Stefanov, both my tutor and Director of the Economic Program, and his colleagues allowed me to be fully integrated in the team.

It was a great experience to work both autonomously and within a team. I truly recommend this internship program if you are looking forward to working with leading researchers in the field of anti-corruption, organized crime, Civil Society Organizations in SEE and European integration.

My name is Alessandra. I accomplished research tasks related to the social inclusion of vulnerable groups, Human Rights protection and migration issues, acquiring a deeper knowledge on these current relevant topics.

Having the opportunity to work in an international environment, assisted by a very professional and helpful team, permitted me to develop my professional and personal skills, becoming a truly learning and rewarding experience.

The assignments I was given were practical, such as processing and summarizing different data sources, conducting interviews and research on best practices of integration in Bulgaria.

The tasks were closely related to my area of interest and gave me excellent opportunity, knowledge and confidence to apply for positions in Brussels.

For me it was great to take part in the staff meeting every Monday, making me feel as part of the team. Each one of the experts working in the program was really helpful and approachable, cutting off the distance between them and the interns.

The overall atmosphere in the Centre was dynamic and friendly. I had the chance to meet great people among the other interns coming from all over Europe, and to exchange some useful information for further projects.

I worked mainly on issues connected to human rights and the position of vulnerable groups in society.

For the short period spent at the Center I learned a great amount of new information and skills that would hopefully help me with choosing a path for myself in the future.

Everyone at the Center, staff and interns, are incredibly friendly and helpful people that are always willing to help you when you are in need.

Overall, the internship was both interesting and challenging and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is interested in this sphere of work.

My name is Anna Sassu and I come from Italy. It was a privilege working as intern in an international and intellectually stimulating setting amongst other interns coming from all over the world and professional with expertise.

Through my internship experience I had the opportunity to reflect upon pertinent issues in the field of human rights and to develop a deeper understanding which I will apply towards my future career.

I believe that my internship with CSD ideally complemented my education and experiences in the field of human rights and provided me a strong foundation for my profession.

Making a training course at the Law Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy was an extraordinary experience with regard to the study of human rights law and issues.

Furthermore, I discovered a beautiful and surprising country and culture. Meanwhile I was improving my English and Russian level. I enhanced my analytical skills while working on dynamic issues affecting the CEE region - energy security and NATO collective defense.

I will always remember my time with CSD and the excellent researchers that I worked with. My 3-month internship at the Sociological program of the Center for the Study of Democracy went by really quickly as I got the opportunity to work in an international environment with interesting and driven people.

I chose th e internship at the CSD because I had always been interested in the sociological aspects of democratic transition and governance in Bulgaria.

I was also able to participate in two workshops: Monitoring the integration of vulnerable migrants and Methodology for participatory research among Roma communities workshop which gave me the opportunity to listen to prominent speakers from all around Europe.

I learnt a great deal of working know-how from the Sociological program team, whom I must thank for being always available and understanding.

I also made many great friendships during my internship. On the whole, my internship at the CSD was a very inspiring experience and I feel grateful to have been able to work together with great people in a very friendly and relaxed working environment.

All my tasks concerned Migrations and THB related issues. Besides writing summaries and reports of literature reviews, I performed other related desk research assignments.

I am glad that I had the chance to interning under the Leonardo Da Vinci Program in Sofia, and get to know the best and the brightest interns I ever met.

I had the opportunity to do an internship for 3 months with the Economic Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy, which proved a very enjoyable experience.

The friendly interactions with the team and the whole staff of the Center made my work very pleasant and the constant supply of tasks kept me busy and constantly learning.

The topics I was involved in ranged from energy security and governance in the energy field in Bulgaria to international competitiveness and legal research.

The work was closely related to my abilities and interests, and new challenges came at a steady pace, allowing for my personal development. Socially, coming to the Center every day was very enjoyable, with friendliness both from the people working here as researchers, administrative or supportive staff, as well as from the other interns.

Going out in Sofia after work for a beer with the rest of the interns was common and made the learning process even more fun. All in all, I can wholeheartedly recommend the internship program at the Center for the Study of Democracy for all hard-working, ambitious and outgoing students or graduates.

Vibrant work atmosphere, opportunity to work with very learned supervisors and reasonable flexibility of working conditions, comprise few of the many good reasons for interning with the Centre for Study of Democracy in Sofia.

As an overseas intern from India under the law programme of the Centre for the duration of one month in the beginning of , I learnt a plethora of things.

The research I undertook specifically on the issue of rights of vulnerable prisoners allowed me to gain a better understanding of the gravity of this issue and also allowed for me to learn more about the ethos and functioning of European law.

I felt no dearth of encouragement and support from my supervisors who gave me timely feedback on my work. The office was also a great place to come to, for it would always be brimming with international interns in different programmes, thereby allowing for a great cultural exchange of thoughts and ideas amongst other things.

All of this enabled me to work professionally in an environment very friendly and for that I am indeed grateful to the CSD family for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this experience.

Thank you CSD! All my tasks concerned anti-corruption policies among the region of Southeastern Europe. Besides writing summaries of academic papers and corruption indices, I conducted research for different policy briefs and co-worked on a newsletter about corruption.

For approximately three months I did my own research project, providing a content analysis about how the region of SEE is depicted in the German-speaking media.

I am really glad that I had the change to realize an own research project and to get to know and apply different methodologies. The people at CSD are friendly and helpful.

In addition, Sofia is a great place to stay. Education : University of Palermo, M. My name is Davide Daidone, i come from Italy.

It's my first work experience in Bulgaria and i can absolutely say that it was amazing under all points of view. My personal experience at CSD has been very positive.

First of all, I met a very good staff and at the same time helpful and polite people. I have done my internship in the Security Program under the supervision of Philip Gounev.

I have done my studies in Political Science and international relationships at the University of Palermo and the first day that I arrived at the CSD I discovered with pleasure that CSD has many projects with my own former university, regarding the confiscated goods to mafia.

I have always worked in a great environment and I could use all the means for a proper search. This experience at CSD Bulgaria will be very helpful for my professional and personal growth and in particular, having worked for the Security Program will give me a great chance to win the competition at the Ministry of Interior in Italy.

I would like to thank all one by one, from the ladies ofthe kitchen, always kind and helpful, even if they do not speak English, to the Director of CSD.

For any advice you can send an email to daidonedavide at gmail dot com. During the three months of my internship I was part of the Security Program.

My tasks were diversified and very interesting, sometimes challenging but overall they did not overstrain my abilities.

Usually they were very specific and geographically focused, but always belonging to topics related to security and crime issues.

My supervisors cared a lot and I never felt abandoned with a task. One of my first tasks focused on corruption in the health care sector in China and consisted of finding academic literature, media reports and current data from the past few years in order to outline the Chinese situation in the health care sector.

In this respect, I was not only preparing a list of bibliography references, but I also had to summarize the essential paragraphs and I highlighted the most important facts including statistical data.

My focus was on pharmaceutical corruption, medical equipment corruption and bribery like informal payments within the client and doctor relation.

I compared the number of total suspects per year with the number of all Non-German suspects and Bulgarian suspects and highlighted the crime areas where Bulgarians were most likely to be engaged in and the specific crimes where Bulgarians have mostly been convicted for.

By means of the German Police Crime Statistics I outlined the situation of the past few years and summarized developments.

It was very interesting to find out, that the number of Bulgarian suspects more than doubled comparing with and that Bulgarians in general were mostly engaged in violation, of drug related offences and street crime like pickpocketing.

Another task focused on undeclared work in Germany and I had to write a report about marginal part-time jobs Minijobs and their impact as a policy measure on undeclared work.

I summarized the background of the policy measure, explained the objectives, actors and target groups and described the legislative principles of the measure.

I concluded with some thoughts, ideas and recommendations in a personal commentary and summarized the current situation including numbers of employers, employees, costs and benefits.

Overall I really enjoyed my time as an intern working for the CSD. I used many skills that I have learned in university and had the possibility to improve them, especially in the area of researching, literature sourcing and data collection.

I developed an interest in crime and security issues in general and crime prevention and counterterrorism in particular. I would like to consider this interest for my prospective Master degree and later on for regular employment.

I enjoyed the friendly, helpful and kind of family-like atmosphere at the CSD and the principle of going out together for lunch.

I always felt highly welcomed and that they are honoring the way and outcome of my work. All in all, I take along some very good experiences and benefits for my future life and shall keep some very nice memories.

As part of my masters in Global Criminology, I wanted to gain hands on experience with Europe wide projects tackling Organised Crime.

After reading through the work the CSD produced and getting in contact, I realised that the aims of their projects were similar to my own academic and career goals and that they would provide an ideal organisation to develop my skills and interests.

During my time at the CSD I gained invaluable insights into working as part of an EU project team, and was able to take a take a proactive role on a number of projects within my field of interest with the support of experienced researchers and analysts.

During my internship in CSD I had the opportunity to be part of the economic program and work on anti-corruption policies in Balkan area.

I had to provide a weekly newsletter about corruption in this region. In addition, I was involved in security program and carried out some literature reviews for their project about financing sources of organized crime.

The good thing about CSD which makes it to stand-out among other NGOs is that as an intern I had enough freedom to implement my ideas in the projects.

The whole job atmosphere is great and friendly. The hierarchy system in the organization is not so strict and rigid which helps a lot to enjoy the work in a working place.

As an intern I was involved in the preparation of various projects, drafting of articles and carrying out statistical calculations.

Most of my responsibilities fell within the field of crime, and more specifically corruption and anti-corruption practices. I also assisted to create a methodological tool for assessing and comparing organized crime groupings.

The product was meant to help the work of the Department for Combating Organized Crime. Another project that I was part of was aimed to develop a new methodology for assessing and combating corruption in Bulgaria.

My task was to review a number of academic articles, reports and studies on different anti-corruption methods and measures, as well as to identify available tools for assessing their efficiency.

I got familiar with the corruption tendencies in different state governance sectors and analyzed a variety of anti-corruption measures. Throughout my internship I got engaged in a number of projects, which allowed me to see how dynamic and diverse the work at the CSD is.

The people I worked with over these five months were very helpful and amenable. In the first days of my internship I received well-explained objectives, which were expected from me.

In case I had some difficulties with performing my tasks, I was able to easily contact any of my supervisors. Furthermore, the colleagues I had the chance to work with proved to be very bright and sociable, which made my internship even more pleasant besides being very useful for my future professional development.

Within the framework of my studies, I was very interested in the interdependences of identity politics and the social and economic transformation in the new EU member states on the Balkans.

Since my first semester, I had therefore been driven by the desire to visit Bulgaria: Not only as a tourist, but with the aim to get involved in culture and society to better understand the social and political processes of this region - and to improve my Bulgarian, which I had started to learn a couple of months before.

The opportunity to work for the CSD in Sofia turned out to be a stroke of fortune. During a period of two months in , I got to know the political landscape of Southeastern Europe, its cultural characteristics and the working fields of a public-policy institute.

More concrete, my duties within the CSD Economic program included the work with civil society organizations in Bulgaria and Europe as well as support for business incubators through information and communication sharing.

In this context, I was responsible for online research, newsletter preparation, making translations, presentations and correspondence management.

ECAbit, as a part of the global incubators network of InfoDev, aims to raise awareness on innovation and entrepreneurship development among governments, universities and other key stakeholders.

Furthermore, ECAbit aims to strengthen the capabilities of incubator managers as well as their clients through focused training and learning on the one hand, and by addressing new opportunities the globalization provides by initiating collaborative service and knowledge creation on the other hand.

My time at CSD proved an excellent complement to my studies and a fertile base for future engagement in public policy affairs. I feel I have gained greater sensitivity to the difficulties associated with social and economic policy implementations, especially within the context of South-East European transformation.

Beside that, I have learned many skills that are sure to help in any future professional endeavor. One of the most memorable parts of this internship was having the chance to work in a conducive environment with a perfect mix of both autonomy and guidance.

Having amiable, approachable and accommodating colleagues and supervisors made my time at the CSD a very enjoyable one.

I helped to run a wide range of research on organized crime, human trafficking across Europe and informal economy.

Under the supervision of Ruslan and Alexander, I created literature lists on these subjects as a basis for future European programs. At CSD I helped mainly with research on healthcare corruption.

I also sorted and registered books at the CSD library and in the ant-corruption online library Zotero. My internship at CSD proved very useful for my future study and career in the area of research and countering organised crime.

All my co-workers were very friendly. I did an internship at the Sociological Program whose research specialisation in migration, integration and children matched best my interests.

My initial responsibilities included attending bi-weekly staff meetings and performing translations of presentations and policy briefs.

As I expressed my desire for more challenging tasks, I was allowed to participate as an equal staff member in the brainstorming and planning sessions for upcoming grant applications.

In the course of the summer, my assignments became more complex and required from me consistency, independent thinking and strong work ethics.

This was probably my most rewarding experience at CSD and I still follow its progress. All of my colleagues were very approachable, flexible and helpful whenever I needed clarifications.

Overall, my internship at CSD proved to be useful for exploring interesting social issues on which I might focus in my next academic or professional endeavors.

It also gave me the confidence to apply to similar institutions abroad. Working there has not only been interesting, but has also been an occasion to learn some of the skills needed when working with complex and undisclosed subjects, such as Organised Crime.

These skills acquired during my internship have proved to be extremely useful during my MSc. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity that has helped me open many doors in both my professional and academic career.

Some words as a non-Bulgarian: Bulgaria is an amazing country, I came there only knowing that the capital city was called Sofia, and left being in love with the Land of Roses its culture and its people.

You will love this place! The internship was both interesting and challenging. The team and the office environment as a whole were nice and friendly.

I would recommend that you offer full-time internship to allow interns better involvement in the work.

At the Center for the Study of Democracy, I worked in the fields of conventional and organized crime, anti-corruption, and technology transfer in Bulgaria under the supervision of the Director of the Economic Program Mr.

What is different about CSD is that it is an organization where interns do not have routine administrative responsibilities, but are required to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis at world-class standards and meet tight deadlines.

Researchers at CSD also enabled me to work on my own research project and I received excellent supervision on it. I believe that an internship at CSD is an intellectually rewarding experience, which equips interns with strong background in anti-corruption policies, and provides them with unmatched advantage to pursue a career in the field of business consulting or research.

Currently, I am an Erasmus Mundus Scholar and research intern at Transparency International-R, where I investigate police corruption and public procurement in Russia and other transition countries.

Kliment Ohridski". I would describe my internship at the Center for the Study of Democracy as the most beneficial work I have ever experienced.

Except for developing a lot of practical skills such as analyzing, processing, and summarizing qualitative and quantitative data, and executing interviews, it expanded my interest scope into a new direction for me — namely, human rights.

In addition to the valuable skills and knowledge I gained during my stay at CSD, I was given the opportunity to work with remarkable experts in the field, whom today I also consider as friends, and to experience a dynamic, positive, and friendly working environment.

Last but not least, my internship at the Center and the support of the team played a crucial role for my enrollment at Columbia University in New York for a Master of Arts Degree.

In all, my internship exceeded acquiring professional experience, it made me reappraise my studies and field of interest from a completely different humanitarian point of view.

A historian by education, I was interested in gaining valuable experience at some NGOs and institutions that promote democracy and deal with social problems on a local and regional level.

I was able to get acquainted with details on both projects, read strategy papers and additional information about them which gave me a very good understanding of project planning, management and execution.

My immediate work was related to organizing and cataloging data, transcribing interviews, etc. The most important part for me was the knowledge about the projects which both deal with issues which are of specific interest to me - RASC integration, integrating children victims of trafficking and the good practices used in both cases.

I am extremely satisfied that I was able to complete this internship and get to know and work with the people there.

Then I got hired as a full-time Program Assistant. I am glad that my age 21 at the time was not an obstacle for me to be entrusted with serious responsibilities and respect.

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HS Program Guide; Learn more about Smithtown Central School District Learn More > 26 New York Avenue, Smithtown, New York ; ; HOME. Mission Statement. The mission of the Harborfields Central School District is to provide an innovative and collaborative learning environment where all students are empowered to realize their unique potential while striving for academic excellence. Monday, January 18, Jan. Weeks TPC Meeting Thursday, January 21, Jan. Windsor Central School District NY Route 79 Windsor, NY Visit. Der CSD Freiburg basiert auf ehrenamtlicher Arbeit und ist eine nicht kommerzielle Veranstaltung. Daher sind wir dringend auf Spenden angewiesen und freuen uns über jede - noch so kleine - Spende. Spenden könnt ihr über Paypal oder auf unser Bankkonto: Christopher Street Day Freiburg e.V. IBAN: DE BIC: GENODEM1GLS. District Calendar ; , the grounds of the Schenevus Central School District will be closed to the public for recreational purposes. Dec Students expressed creativity and imagination as they designed blueprints and built their own Ig Com creations, ranging from bird feeders to dog beds, using egg cartons, soda bottles and other innovative engineering supplies. Attendees included students, parents, administrators, Peekskill Board of Education members, elected officials and more. In support of Childhood Cancer Awareness month Community Shield year, the High School East Family, Career and Online Casino Deutschland Erfahrung Leaders of America club raised money by selling gold laces and gold hearts to benefit pediatric cancer research. Causes event in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany by CSD Freiburg on Saturday, September 19 with K people interested and people going. 16 posts. Causes event in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany by CSD Freiburg on Saturday, September 19 with K people interested and people going. CSD Germany. Send us an e-mail. [email protected] CSD Dates. at a glance; Calendar; The association. Goals; Mission statement; Members; become a member; Board of Directors.
Csd Freiburg 2021 Kreis Lörrach und Dreiland. Rund Schüler und ihre Eltern sind betroffen. Und zwar auf den Working there has not only been interesting, but has also been an occasion to learn some of the skills needed Super Bubble Kostenlos working with complex and undisclosed subjects, such as Organised Crime. I was a part of the Economic Programme, and aided with a number of projects with regards to my specialisation in anti-corruption. Based on this study, I was Free Roulette Spielen a mid-term task analysing German and Austrian media covering Russian influence in the respective countries. Position description: The Center for the Study of Democracy offers internship opportunities for Berliner Fernsehturm Eintrittspreise university students, who are interested in gaining Midsummer England in an interdisciplinary public policy think tank. I also helped organize the presentation of the report in the Parliament. Some Snake Play as a non-Bulgarian: Bulgaria is an Csd Freiburg 2021 country, I came there only knowing that the capital city was called Sofia, and left being in love with the Land of Roses its Free Paysafecard Codes and its people. As such, through my Gute Spieleseiten duties I acquired precious knowledge and learned how to prioritise deadlines. The Economic Program and from time to time the Law Program took care of me and gave me interesting tasks concerning attractive topics like:. Thank you all for everything. To learn more about cookies, incl. Every day you will get the chance to analyze new issues and Bad Harzburg Spielbank opinions, and afterwards you will enjoy everything that Sofia has to offer with the rest of the interns, while having an unbelievable experience throughout your entire stay. I am glad that my age 21 at the time was not an obstacle for me to be entrusted with serious responsibilities and respect. You will assist the Communications Officer in Pokerstrategy.Com day-to-day operations in developing Bic Einwegrasierer, Graysown Forum relations, engagement in public policy events, website and social media, and internal communications.
Csd Freiburg 2021

So kommt Utakmice Live Bic Einwegrasierer in die Bude Csd Freiburg 2021 selbst Casinoclub.Com grГГte Skeptiker kann nicht mehr am Zufall zweifeln! - CSD Freiburg

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